Write a resumé that highlights your accomplishments

Write a resumé that highlights your accomplishments

It's not unusual for employers to receive hundreds of resumés in response to a single job opening.
In order to stand out as a strong candidate, it's your responsibility to ensure the employer understands how and why you would be a great fit for the position. That means tailoring your resumé to each and every position you apply for.

Five questions to ask yourself about your resumé

  • Do I have an engaging, easy to read resumé template that I can tailor repeatedly as I apply for various positions?
  • Is my resumé simply a list of past duties or does it paint a picture of me succeeding in the position I'm applying for?
  • Have I determined what information is relevant for my resumé and what can be omitted?
  • Does my resumé highlight my skills and accomplishments in a way that will entice an employer to invite me for an interview?
  • Did I get objective professional feedback regarding my Resumé , including tips for increasing its effectiveness?

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Resumé Resources


Print out these useful resources to help you further with writing your resumé.

Resumé Samples

Additional Resources

  • How to Write a Masterpiece of a Resumé : Tips on resumé writing, including constructing your evidence section, writing a good objective, and ensuring your resumé is visually effective.
  • How to Write a Great Resumé : A brief but comprehensive online guidebook filled with tips to guide you through every aspect of resumé writing.
  • Professional Resumé s: Examples of Resumé s in a variety of fields. You can use these templates to get an idea of formatting, to learn the type of field-specific language used, and to see the ways that others in the field have articulated their experience. Keep in mind that your resumé should be a unique document that reflects your own skills, accomplishments and experiences, so don't cut and paste from a template! Use the templates for inspiration to create a resumé that reflects your best you and what you have to offer.
  • What to Leave Off Your Resumé : It’s best to keep your resumé “neutral” when it comes to most personal information. This Monster.ca article lists items not to include on your Resumé , either because they may leave you open to discrimination or because they may come across as negative to an employer.


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