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Visit the Career Plan for a recommended sequence of activities to help you move forward with your career exploration and job search. Or scroll down to go straight to career and job search questions!


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Whether you're looking for a full-time job after graduation, summer job, part-time job or an internship, the most successful job searches are targeted.

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In order to choose a career path that excites you, you need to do some research into fields and occupations you're interested in.

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We believe that being able to identify and articulate the skills you have, and the skills you need to develop is an essential part of self-awareness and lifelong learning.

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Research educational programs, talk to representatives from programs and schools University Affairs.

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Resources and Tips to support your career growth. Learn how to make a great impression on the job and advance your career!

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Resources and various services and events that we offer for specialized York students and recent graduates

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