Archives - Alumni Career Stories

Bailey Anderson, a York alumnusBailey Anderson
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (International Studies and Political Science)
Graduated: 2007
Current Position: Account Coordinator, Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Natalie Angell Besseling, a York alumnusNatalie Angell-Besseling
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (International Development Studies)
Graduated: 2006
Current Position: Executive Director, Shanti Uganda Society
Leslie Ann Boiselle, a York alumnusLeslie-Ann Boisselle
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Graduated: 1991
Current Position: Public Affairs Officer, High Commission of Canada In Trinidad and Tobago
Veronica Choi
Degree: Bachelor of Education (BEd)
Graduated: 2010
Current Position: General Education Officer, Ministry of Education in Singapore
Kishan Dhanjal
Degree: Honours Bachelor of Administrative Studies, Human Resources Management
Graduated: 2009
Current Position: Human Resources Representative, Honda Canada Finance Inc.
Alison Ellwood
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Graduated: 2005
Current Position: Elementary School Teacher
Christine Estima, a York alumnusChristine Estima
Degree: Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies, Bachelor of Arts (Theatre and Creative Writing)
Graduated: 2006, 2004
Current Position: Playwright, Novelist, Actress, and Arts Journalist
Sayma Hai, a York alumnusSayma Hai
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Business & Society)
Graduated: 2005
Current Position: HR Representative, Bayer
Hon Lu, a York alumnusHon Lu
Degree: Master in Environmental Studies (Planning)
Graduated: 2002
Current Position: Senior Project Manager, MMM Group
Fausto Matellacci, a York alumnusRobert Martellacci
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Economics)
Graduated: 1984
Current Position: Founder & President, Mindshare Learning
Aleena Mazhar, a York alumnusAleena Mazhar
Degree: Bachelor of Administrative Studies (Marketing), Honours
Graduated: 2008
Current Position: Field Manager
Erika Metvedt, a York alumnusErika Metvedt
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Graduated: 1991
Current Position: Showroom Manager
Fausto Natarelli, a York alumnusFausto Natarelli
Degree: Bachelor of Arts, Specialized Honours (Political Science)
Graduated: 1984
Current Position: Director
Julie Nettleton, a York alumnusJulie Nettleton
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Graduated: 1993
Current Position: Environmental Health and Safety Representative
Kevin Nickson, a York alumnusKevin Nickson
Degree: Bachelor of Science (Biology)
Graduated: 1982
Current Position: Manager
Kashif Raza, a York alumnusKashif Raza
Degree: Bachelor of Human Resources Management
Graduated: 2008
Current Position: Human Resources Business Partner
Joseph Romano, a York alumnusJoseph Romano
Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Education, Master of Education
Graduated: 2008, 2012
Current Position: ICT Teacher & Position of Responsibility, Toronto District School Board
Vijay Singh Sidhu, a York alumnusVijay Singh Sidhu
Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration, Honours
Graduated: 2001
Current Position: Police Officer
Eugen Spivak, a York alumnusEugen Spivak
Degree: Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), Masters of Business Administration
Graduated: 1999, 2006
Current Position: Program Director
Christina Vecchiato, a York alumnusChristina Vecchiato
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (English)
Graduated: 2008
Current Position: Publishers' Representative
Louis Vigneault-Dubois, a York alumnusLouis Vigneault-Dubois
Degree: Bachelor of Arts (International Studies)
Graduated: 2004
Current Position: Chief of Communications, UNICEF
Peter Wong, a York alumnusPeter Wong
Degree: Bachelor of Design
Graduated: 2004
Current Position: Graphic Designer
Moy Wong-Tam, a York alumnusMoy Wong-Tam
Degree: Master in Environmental Studies
Graduated: 1983
Current Position: Executive Director, Centre for Information & Community Services