Types of Attire

Types of Attire

There are many styles of business attire, and each one is suited for specific kinds of work and work environments or functions.

  • Business Professional Attire – In a business formal environment a standard dress code is a full matching business suit, including a jacket and dress pants or a dress skirt. The darker the suit, the more formal! In addition to matching pants and jacket, some individuals might wear dress shirt or button-up collared shirts and ties.
  • Business Casual Attire - The definition of business casual is a style of dress that allows people to wear casual clothes that are professional in nature but not overly formal such as suits and ties.
  • Casual Attire – The definition of casual attire is a style designed to wear on informal occasions.

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These organizations can help you by providing professional attire for your interview:

Dress for Success (Toronto): works with women who have an upcoming interview to help select an interview outfit and accessories, as well as providing support and guidance for the interview.

Dress Your Best (Toronto): offers male job seekers a one-on-one appointment with a trained Image Consultant who will assist you in selecting a professional wardrobe that fits well and gives you the confidence to make a good first impression on job interviews or when starting a new career.


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