Tips resource sheet for Summer jobs and internships

Tips resource sheet Summer jobs and internships

Looking for Summer Jobs and Internships?

Calling all undergraduate students in search of summer employment or internship opportunities! The Career Centre is dedicated to simplifying the process for you with our Summer Jobs and Internships Handout!

General Job Search Tips

Explore Company Websites 

  • Visit the websites of companies that you are interested in working for to explore career opportunities listed on their "Careers" or "Jobs" pages. Several companies post job openings exclusively on their websites before external job search engines.
  • Dedicate time to research each company's ethos, values, work culture, and current affairs. Tailoring your resume and cover letter to reflect your understanding and enthusiasm can make a strong impression during the recruitment process.

Use Job Search Engines

  • Use job search engines and websites that target your industry.
  • Locate lesser-known organisations through the use of directories, such as Yellow Pages.
  • The Career Centre offers various industry specific job search websites that you can access here
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn provides an extensive professional network and showcases job openings from various companies. You can use LinkedIn to tap into your connections to uncover opportunities and connect with recruiters or peers for potential referrals or informational interviews.

Jobs and internships through Experience York

  • Experience York houses the Career Centre’s job posting board. It frequently features a range of internships and jobs unaffiliated with any specific York program or field of study.

Tip: To narrow your job search for program specific jobs,
1) Click “Job Postings
2) Scroll down and click “For My Program”.

Find On-Campus Summer Work/Study Jobs Through YU hire!

    1. Open Yu hire
    2. Create an account.
    3. Search for a job position using filters. Set your preferred job location and eligible affiliation.
    4. Apply for jobs using a Resume and a Cover letter.

Tip: Make sure to have both a resume and a cover letter. Also make sure to alter your resume and cover letter according to the specific job position.

Set up Job Alerts

  • Set up customised job alerts on Job Search Engine platforms to receive email notifications for relevant openings matching your criteria, such as keywords, location, or industry.
  • Fine-tune your alerts to ensure they capture relevant opportunities and keep you informed of industry dynamics. Regularly review and adjust your preferences to optimise their effectiveness.

Cold Calling

Cold calling entails reaching out to employers proactively, without the need for a job to be publicly advertised. During a cold call, you introduce yourself and inquire about potential job opportunities.

Here are some key steps for effective cold calling:

  1. Identify organisations of interest and key decision-makers within.
  2. Understand your target audience by conducting thorough research.
  3. Plan your call: Prepare and rehearse your introduction.
  4. Engage your target audience actively during the conversation.
  5. Anticipate and address any questions or concerns that may arise.
  6. Listen attentively and take notes during the conversation.
  7. Express gratitude for their time and promptly follow up on the discussion.

Sample Introduction:

Hello. My name is XYZ, and I am currently a fourth-year student at York University. With over three years of experience as a client representative at XYZs drugstore and possessing a Smart Serve Certificate, I am adept at providing excellent customer service. I am particularly attentive to customer needs and quick on my feet. I am reaching out to inquire if there are any openings available for qualified servers at the XYZ. Thank you for considering my inquiry.

Looking For Internships Instead?

Internships serve as an invaluable pathway to acquiring fresh skills and integrating knowledge gained from your academic program into professional settings.

Explore LA&PS Internships
Lassonde Co-op/Internship

Note: If there are no York co-op or internship placements available in your discipline, you can leverage your job search strategies to establish your internship.

Explore our resources for summer jobs such as how to write a Resume and Cover Letter. Additionally, schedule 1:1 session with our Career Educators and Career Counsellors to streamline your job search process. Book appointments conveniently through Experience York under "Student Appointments".

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