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Career Exploration & Job Search Tools

Career Cruising (login information can be found on the home page of Experience York ): Research and explore detailed information about careers and educational programs using this multimedia online resource.

Career Cyberguide: Access career information 24/7 with this award-winning online resource designed especially for York students. Online video presentations and downloadable handouts combine the knowledge of career experts, employers, York alumni and students to bring you relevant career information.

Career Exploration Guide: The most important element in finding a career that's right for you is you! The Career Centre's Career Exploration Guide is a new career assessment tool that contains exercises to help you identify your personal characteristics and type, interests, abilities, skills, values and curiosities.

Career Options magazine: For expert career advice and job opportunities in partnership with the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE).

Careers 2030: gives a sneak peek into the careers and workplace needs of the future with articles and links about changes to the workplace, sorted by sector. Read about sources of change that are affecting future careers and the workforce.

Canadian Careers: Stay up to date with Canadian employment news, learn how to market yourself and explore hundreds of careers options.

Career Crate: Learn about career options by watching videos describing various jobs.

Contact Singapore: Launch a bright future in Singapore.

Glassdoor: a free jobs and careers community that offers an inside look at jobs and companies in North America and 10 other countries (including Austria, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom).

GlobaLinks Learning Abroad: offers unpaid international internships to students and new graduates. Participants have the opportunity to gain professional experience abroad in a wide variety of fields.

GoinGlobal: Career and employment resources including world-wide job and internship listings, corporate profiles and country-specific career information. Constantly-updated content on work permit/visa regulations, resumé writing guidelines and examples, employment trends, salary ranges, networking groups, cultural/interviewing advice and more. (login information can be found on the home page of Experience York )

Government of Canada: Look at your skills and interests, look at the world of work, make a plan, and manage your career.

Government of Canada Services for Youth: Find out what you need to know about the world of work.

The HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector's Career Explorer: Explore the possibilities and realities of work in Canada's nonprofit sector.

International Experience Canada: 35 and under? Travel and work abroad through 3 programs: working holiday, young professional and international co-op internship.

Resume Target: This free career resource for York students has articles with career and job search advice, as well as a job posting system and links to resumé templates (though remember that every resumé you write should be tailored to the position you're applying for, so never cut & paste from a template. Use the templates as a reference only!)

Science Magazine's Next Wave Webcast: Interested in a career in science? Get tips on presenting yourself effectively for a job in the private sector from a panel of scientists. This webcast was taped in 2005 and is 2 hrs, 1 min. in length.

SwobThe "Tinder" for jobs, students looking for a job can now search in the comfort of their own phone. Swob™ is the first of its kind to target students in high turnover industries such as retail and food service for part-time, seasonal and full-time employment.

Talent Egg: a Canadian career resource with job postings for internship and entry-level positions, information about Canada's top employers, articles and resources for students starting out in their first jobs, as well as a discussion board and an online magazine called, Career Incubator!

Vault: Research careers and job searching on this website which features primarily information about the U.S. job market.

Occupational Research

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