Use social media cautiously

Use social media cautiously

Tips for Managing Your Online Identity/Presence

  • When employed, familiarize yourself with your company’s policy on computer use, including social media use, and abide by it
  • Learn about privacy laws, off-duty conduct policies, and rules of professional conduct that apply to you, and abide by them
  • Don’t write about work on the Internet unless it is part of your job description and/or your supervisor knows and sanctions it
  • Carefully consider who you want your audience to be, then adjust your privacy settings accordingly
  • Mindfully and purposefully craft your online identity/presence
  • Don’t say or do anything in your social networking activities that you do not want public
  • Choose your online friends and connections wisely and monitor what people post about you on the Internet - Google yourself regularly and see what’s visible about you
  • Guard your identity--be careful about online identity theft or fraud
  • Guard your credibility—strive to be positive, professional, accurate and attentive to detail in all your online communications

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Job Search and Networking Strategies

How to Effectively Use LinkedIn

Additional Resources

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