Follow up after an interview

Follow up after an interview

The interview may be over but you still have some work to do! Here are a few tips for wrapping up your interview and continuing to make a good impression on your interviewer(s):

  • Once you arrive home after the interview, immediately send a thank you email to everyone who interviewed you (if there are multiple interviewers and you can't remember all the names, phone reception and ask).
  • For an added personal touch, pop a small thank you card in the mail (one for each interviewer). The card will arrive in several days and will remind the interviewer(s) of you.
  • If a reasonable amount of time has passed and you haven't heard back, it's okay to get in touch with the interviewer to ask if there is a timeline for filling the position and to remind the interviewer that you are still very much interested in the job.
  • If you are informed that you are not the chosen candidate, be gracious about it. Thank the interviewer for providing you with the opportunity to interview and express your continued interest in the organization.
  • If you are not the chosen candidate, you can ask for feedback regarding your interview. While your interviewer is not obliged to provide this information, many are willing to give honest feedback that may help you be more successful the next time around.

Career Centre Resources

Group Activities

  • Career Lounge: Pop-in with a quick question or bring a career document to work on and stay awhile.
  • Interview Practice Session: A Career Educator at the Career Centre can conduct a videotaped Interview Practice Session with you and provide feedback to strengthen your interview skills.


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