Social Work

Have you always wanted to give back to the community? Have you found pleasure in helping others and improving the world around us all? Do you want to make a difference by helping to alleviate injustice and oppression for those less fortunate around the world and here in Canada. Majoring in Social Work within the Department of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, will expose you to modern-day views on justice, human rights, law and philosophy as you explore the social work arena, its theory and practical applications. You will gain knowledge of contemporary approaches to social issues such as morality, tradition and custom and attempts at dealing with oppression, be it gender, race, status or aged- based.

Career Options in Social Work

Below is a sample list of some future choices to explore following studies in Social Work. This list is not exhaustive but it provides a solid idea of what fellow graduates have gone on to do and what potential careers a Social Work degree can offer. Some options are more directly associated with specific areas of Social Work than others.

  • Aboriginal Rights Advocate
  • Activist
  • Addictions Counsellor
  • Art Therapist
  • Career Counsellor
  • Case Manager
  • Charity Organization Director
  • Child Protective Services Worker
  • Children’s Rights Advocate
  • Community Centre Director
  • Community Developer
  • Disability Counsellor
  • Employment Advisor
  • Family Counsellor
  • Family Lawyer
  • Family Mediator
  • Foreign Service Worker
  • Foster Care Supervisor
  • Fundraiser
  • Hospital Social Worker
  • Hospital Discharge Planner
  • Housing Facilitator
  • Human Rights Lawyer
  • Gerontology Social Worker
  • Government Worker
  • Group Therapist
  • Immigration Lawyer
  • Immigration Rights Advocate
  • Legal Aid Worker
  • Marriage Counsellor
  • Mental Health Counsellor
  • Newcomer Support Counsellor
  • NGO Worker or Director
  • Policy Advisor
  • Rehabilitation Consultant
  • School Social Worker
  • Shelter Supervisor
  • Social Worker
  • Women’s Rights Advocate

Some of these career choices may require additional education or preparation in the form of graduate studies, experiential education or professional formative courses and exams. For a more in-depth description of some of the careers mentioned above visit Career Cruising (login information can be found on the home page of the Career Centre's online system) or the National Occupational Classification website.