Classical Studies and Classics

Are you fascinated by the language, the literature, the political teachings, and the rich history and epic lives of philosophers like Plato or Aristotle? Do you want to explore and understand the social and cultural endowment passed on from Classical times to today’s society and peoples? Offered by the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, the Classical Studies and Classics major will allow you to follow one of two streams: studies of the Greek and Latin languages (Classics) or social issues dealing with the culture and the history of ancient Greece and Rome (Classical Studies). You will study works that have shaped how humans have thought and reasoned for centuries and works that are the fundamentals of some of the most basics Western beliefs, from law and religion to politics and mythology.

Career Options in Classical Studies and Classics

Below is a sample list of some future choices to explore following studies in Classical Studies and Classics. This list is not exhaustive but it provides a solid idea of what fellow graduates have gone on to do and what potential careers a Classical Studies and Classics degree can offer. Some options are more directly associated with specific areas of Classical Studies and Classics than others.

  • Archivist
  • Author
  • Archeologist
  • Art Dealer
  • Community Educator
  • Cultural Consultant
  • Diplomat
  • Editor
  • Ethics Board Director
  • Event Planner
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Government Agency Worker
  • Historian
  • Indigenous Issues Consultant
  • Journalist
  • Lawyer
  • Legislative Aide
  • Librarian
  • Linguist
  • Magazine Writer
  • Media Correspondent
  • Mediator
  • Museum Curator
  • Non-Profit Organization Director
  • Public Relations Representative
  • Public Policy Researcher
  • Publisher
  • Political Advisor/Consultant
  • Professor
  • Psychologist
  • Researcher
  • Social Service Worker
  • Speech Writer
  • Teacher
  • Translator
  • Writer

Some of these career choices may require additional education or preparation in the form of graduate studies, experiential education or professional formative courses and exams. For a more in-depth description of some of the careers mentioned above visit Career Cruising (login information can be found on the home page of the Career Centre's online system) or the National Occupational Classification website.