GPSE 2017: Getting into Law School

October 19, 2017 @ 3:15 pm – 4:15 pm
Vanier Renaissance Room (001)

This event is part of Graduate & Professional Studies Expo (GPSE) 2017.

This conversational panel will consist of representatives from law schools who will discuss their schools’ strengths and selection processes (5-7 minutes each), and spend the rest of the time answering students' specific questions and giving suggestions on preparing a strong application.

The purpose of this session is to provide students with information and advice by clarifying the differences between and benefits of the participating law schools and explaining the application process so that they can create their own strategies for moving forward.

Registration is required. You may register for this event on the Career Centre’s online system (you must sign up for an account before you will be able to register for any events on the system).

Participating Panelists

Rose Godfrey
Director, Admissions & Outreach
Dalhousie University, Schulich School of Law

The JD program at the Schulich School of Law is a first degree in law that gives you a solid preparation for the practice of law as well as a respect for and participation in public life. As Canada's national law school, we welcome students from every province and territory, and this gives our community a range of perspectives not available in many law school settings. Your JD degree from Dalhousie will be recognized for Bar admission in all provinces nation-wide.

Andrew Van Overbeke
Admissions Coordinator
Queen's University, Faculty of Law

Established in 1957, Queen’s Faculty of Law has long been the school of choice for law students in Canada, thanks to its preeminent reputation for both academic excellence and community spirit. The Faculty is part of a leafy campus near the shores of Lake Ontario and historic downtown Kingston. This setting encourages our students’ engagement with intellectual, social and experiential learning opportunities fundamental to building legal, interpersonal and leadership skills.

Elaine Borthwick
Director, J.D. Admissions
UBC - Allard Law

Allard Law graduates have assumed leading roles in the Canadian judicial system, legal profession, business world, politics, government, community and academic world. Allard offers a variety of degree options; JD/MBA degree and joint legal education opportunities with the University of Hawaii, University of Melbourne and University of Hong Kong. Every year many of the finest students in Canada choose Allard as the place where they will pursue their legal education.

Janet Person
Admissions Officer
University of Victoria, Law

As a destination school, UVic Law draws students from across Canada. It is renowned for its diverse experiential learning opportunities, collegial environment and exemplary faculty. While providing a generalist legal education, the Faculty has exceptional strengths in Indigenous Law, Environmental Law and International Law with an Asian-Pacific focus. The Faculty produces competent, ethical graduates who exhibit a humane professionalism, and are capable of serving a diverse set of constituents.

Francine Herlehy
Assistant Dean (Student Services)
University of Windsor, Law

Our admissions process is decidedly different. We actively seek a diverse student body through the thoughtful consideration of the whole person in the admissions process and through financial aid to make law school affordable to our students.

Our programs are shaped by our focus on access to justice and transnational law, and are characterized by a learner-centred community that values intellectual curiosity, interdisciplinary research and global scholarship.

Danielle Lacasse
Assistant Dean, Admissions & Recruitment
Western University, Law

Western Law is one of the top law schools in Canada. Our rich array of academic, practical and international educational opportunities make Western’s program exciting and enriching. Our Small Group program lies at the heart of our approach to legal education and ensures one of the best student experiences. Additionally, we offer several optional curricular streams, which provide students with guidance on courses and co-curricular activities tied to their career aspirations.

Vicky Faclaris
Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator
Osgoode Hall Law School

Internationally renowned as one of Canada’s largest and most distinguished law schools, Osgoode Hall Law School offers students an extraordinary, innovative legal education. At Osgoode you will have the opportunity to learn from Canada’s leading legal experts, gain hands-on experience through unmatched experiential offerings, and join a diverse and vibrant community that will support you in achieving your academic, professional and personal goals.

Osgoode Hall Law School has a holistic admissions policy which identifies a diverse and outstanding group of students whose outstanding academic abilities, varied achievements and sustained engagement make a continuing positive contribution to the Law School, the legal profession and the community.