GPSE 2017: Getting into a Teacher Education Program

October 19, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
103 McLaughlin College

This event is part of Graduate & Professional Studies Expo (GPSE) 2017.

This conversational panel will consist of representatives from Education programs who will discuss their schools’ strengths and selection processes (5-7 minutes), and spend the rest of the time answering students' specific questions and giving suggestions on preparing a strong application.

The purpose of this session is to provide students with information and advice by clarifying the differences between and benefits of the various schools’ programs and explaining the application process so that they can create their own strategies for moving forward.

Registration is required. You may register for this event on the Career Centre’s online system (you must sign up for an account before you will be able to register for any events on the system).

Participating Panelists

Kathleen Crook
Education Enrolment Advisor
Trent University, School of Education and Professional Learning

Trent University’s School of Education & Professional Learning seeks to admit and educate future teachers who demonstrate a deep commitment to social justice and a dedication to developing teaching practice that fosters inclusivity and ethical consciousness.

Joanne Chartrand
Academic Administrator
University of Ottawa, Faculty of Education

We are the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. We offer our Teacher Education program in both French and English. Both are a two year program.

Cindy Barnes
Program Advisor & Practicum Assistant
Western University, Faculty of Education

Western’s Faculty of Education (located in London, Ontario) offers a two year Bachelor of Education program in three program routes: Primary/Junior (and Primary/Junior French), Junior/Intermediate, and Intermediate/Senior. Western’s B.Ed. has been purposefully designed to address current needs in education and prepare graduates to become educational leaders on a global scale. Our teacher candidates gain real world experience through a unique combination of alternative practica and field placements which will result in them spending as much time working in the field as studying on Western’s campus.

Carissa MacKendrick
Senior Recruitment Coordinator
Wilfrid Laurier University, Faculty of Education

Laurier’s Faculty of Education offers a Bachelor of Education degree that provides you with the hands-on education necessary to go into the classroom, as well as the theoretical and research background to further your knowledge and participate in other areas of education too. You’ll emerge a well-rounded educator prepared for the challenges of today’s classroom.

Laurier’s interdisciplinary Master of Education program is attractive to educational leaders and professionals in a wide range of corporate and not-for-profit industries, health and community service organizations, and postsecondary institutions, as well as public and private school systems.

We also offer an additional qualifications program and numerous community-outreach programs for teachers, children and families. We are proud of our extensive community partnerships, our vibrant student community and our growing alumni network.

Vanessa Grafi
Manager Student Services
York University, Faculty of Education

The York U. Faculty of Education Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree qualifies successful graduates to teach in K-12 schools and to be recommended for certification with the Ontario College of Teachers. Our program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the teaching profession as confident and effective teachers. The BEd is a full-time professional degree program, which includes:

  • Coursework (including in-class and blended)
  • School practicum placements
  • Community practicum placement
  • Optional concentrations and specializations
  • Opportunities to get involved in student life and international learning
  • Opportunity to earn advance standing credits towards a Master of Education (MEd) degree
  • Career services

Dorothy Buchanan
Coordinator, Professional Learning for Students, Recruitment and Retention
Brock University, Faculty of Education

Consecutive teacher education programs for Primary-Junior, Junior-Intermediate, Intermediate-Senior and Technological Education. Two campuses.