Intelife Security and Automation

Intelife is Canada's fastest growing home and business security, automation and
smart technology provider. The company provides both protection, peace of
mind, and added level of everyday ease of life. Intelife offers professional service
and expertise in designing and installing custom security management systems for
residential and commercial clients. We are dedicated to providing you with the
best in class service and expertise, as well as access to Canada’s most advanced
home monitoring network. We are able to offer our customers up to 30% off their
home insurance as well based on our partnership with HGA.

Intelife creates innovative, affordable solutions that deliver greater safety,
awareness, control, convenience and efficiency inside the home and wherever
you go. We use the most sophisticated and reliable technologies to protect
customers 24 hours a day by a state of the art, ULC-listed monitoring centre.
Customers come first. Products and services are developed to meet your needs,
and our systems are designed for one call resolution to customer issues. Intelife
provides access to 6 monitoring stations and service professionals coast to coast.
Behind Intelife’s technology are some of the industry’s best people. Our
Emergency Response Operators receive hundreds of hours of training, are
certified, and participate in ongoing education. Intelife’s Lifetime Service
Protection Program ensures the long life of your security system while saving you
from the worries of unexpected repair or maintenance bills. Intelife is able to
reward customers through various programs such as referral rewards, move
certificates and more!