Career Conversations Panels

With support from York Community and Alumni Relations.

Get the inside scoop on a variety of careers by connecting with alumni and professionals currently working or hiring in your field of interest. If you’re wondering what you can do with your degree, check out Career Conversations with York alumni who can share their career stories about breaking into the field.

If you’re clear about what you want to do and interested in getting inside tips from people within your industry, check out Career Conversations with hiring managers to discuss opportunities that are currently available and get tips on how to get an edge over your competition during the hiring process. Find out what you can do now to prepare for your career in the future!

Career Conversations with Alumni Career Conversations with Hiring Managers
Alumni and other professionals share:

  • Their personal career paths;
  • how their university education is relevant to their particular position;
  • the realities of sectors they work in;
  • strategies for entering the sector;
  • opportunities within their fields;
  • resources for connecting with professionals in that field.
Hiring managers share:

  • Where to find and secure a position within the industry;
  • How to make connections within the field;
  • What is involved in the application process, e.g. specific hiring dates, materials required;
  • How to write effective resumés and cover letters;
  • What to expect during the interview; and
  • How to succeed on the job.

Upcoming Career Conversations Panels 2015-16

Register for these panels on the Career Centre's online system using Passport York (you must sign up for an account on the system before you will be able to register for any events).