Citco Canada

Citco Canada


Our heritage, since founding a civil law notary practice in the 1940s to establishing the Curacao International Trust Company in the 1960s, is built on challenging paradigms and delivering exceptional service within the financial and professional services industry. Today, with more than 6,000 employees in 45 countries, we continue to pioneer award-winning services and technology solutions that meet ever changing markets.

A commitment to investing in people, and proprietary technologies, has resulted in our reputation as the industry’s preeminent service provider, reassuring clients that their critical administration functions are in safe hands.

Our thought leadership and ability to quickly navigate complex change means our clients can depend on us as trusted advisors to make informed decisions in response to market conditions.

Types of positions:

New Graduate

Recruiting for:

Fund Accountant, Investor Relations Administration, Profit and Lost Analyst

Number of positions:


Related programs of study:

- Business (Finance/Accounting/Commerce/Consulting, HR)

Where positions are posted:

How to apply:

On-line at

How to prepare:

Bring business cards