At Beelogix, we are committed to help our client build competitive advantage by leveraging supply chain solutions. Always on the cutting edge, we select, design and provide support for Supply chain solutions from simplest to state-of-the-art. The expertise, passion and dedication of our team is the key driver of any supply chain initiative success and is the heart and soul of our organization.

Types of positions:

New Graduate, Internship

Recruiting for:

Supply Chain Consultant,
Warehouse Management Consultant,
Transportation Management Consultant

Number of positions:



Related programs of study:

Business Degree's,
Technology Degree's

Where positions are posted:

We will post all opportunities on the York University Career Center Site

How to apply:

Bring resume to event, as well as applying online

How to prepare:

Bring resume; research Beelogix; understand supply chain concepts; ready to discuss supply chain challenges in industry