The Learning Disabilities Association of Toronto

Who We Are

The Learning Disabilities Association of Toronto District (LDATD) is a chapter of the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario (LDAO) serving the amalgamated City of Toronto. We are a Not for Profit Charity.

Program Description:

Operating out of the The Learning Disabilities of Toronto, The Y.I.E.L.D. (Youths’ Initiative and Excellence with LD’s) is a unique program designed to support LD youth to gain valuable skills and increase civic engagement opportunities that will benefit them in life and work while making a difference in their community.

Main Focus of the program:

  • Co-Creation of Youth Community Service Projects: With support of program facilitators, participants will create community service project(s) that will make a positive impact in their community
  • Professional Leadership Training: a series of certified workshops that will give you actionable leadership skills for future endeavors
  • Direct Civic Engagement: With engagement of community organizations/ collaborators, participant will be able to develop our service projects within their communities