Canadian Liver Foundation

The Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF) was the first organization in the world devoted to providing support for research and education into the causes of liver disease.

Founded in 1969, the Canadian Liver Foundation was established by a group of doctors and business leaders concerned about the increasing incidence of liver disease and the escalating number of deaths resulting from these serious ailments. Throughout the Foundation’s 49+ years, it has served as a model for similar organizations around the world.

Today, the Canadian Liver Foundation continues to actively support and encourage doctors and scientists to pursue their objectives in the field of hepatology research across Canada. In addition, the CLF has expanded its activities to not only address the needs of patients and their families, but also to promote awareness and a better understanding of liver disease among the general public.
Volunteers are the backbone of the Canadian Liver Foundation. At all levels of participation, they offer an abundance of resources, including: knowledge, skill, passion, contacts, time, and effort. Volunteers are essential to the Canadian Liver Foundation's success as they spread public awareness, educate, develop and organize events, and raise money towards fighting liver disease.