The Who Am I? Self Assessment Game

The Who Am I? game board

The Who Am I? Self Assessment Game was developed by the York University Career Centre in 2007 to provide a fun and interactive method of self assessment for students and alumni wishing to explore their career options.The purpose of the game is for players to gain insights into their desires, interests, abilities, and personality as they relate to career decision making. These insights are recorded on Career Profiles that each player develops during the Who Am I? game to assist them in better understanding who they are and what they want in the world of work.

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How the game can benefit participants:

Sample of the Who Am I? game cardsThe Who Am I? Self Assessment Game was initially developed for post-secondary students and alumni. The game has since been revamped for additional use by high school and by training and development professionals for public and private sector organizations. The game:

  • provides a means of self assessment in a fun, interactive and engaging environment, which is intended to alleviate career related anxieties;
  • assists players in understanding the career exploration process and their place within the world of work;
  • emphasizes the value of self assessment in the career decision making process;
  • provides players with support and inspiration through group interaction;
  • encourages players to become more aware of both internal and external influences that may be influencing career decision making
  • reassures players that there are many career options available to them; and
  • informs players that the most important factor to consider when making a career decision is who they are.

How to use the game:

The Who Am I? Self Assessment Game is recommended to be facilitated by an experienced career counsellor, guidance counsellor, or training/organizational development professional. It may be used as:

  • a complement to existing career development workshops, programs and/or services;
  • a tool to prepare people for individual career counselling appointments;
  • an alternative or in addition to conventional assessment tools; and/or
  • a means to engage and/or train company employees for professional development purposes

Playing the game:

The Who Am I? Self Assessment Game is played in groups of 4-5 people per game board and includes a Career Profile where participants record information about their desires, interests, abilities, and personality as they relate to career options and career decision making. Players utilize the insights they obtain while playing the game, to create a Career Statement; which assists them in articulating who they are and what they want for themselves in the world of work.

What students are saying about the Who Am I? Game:

"Playing the Who Am I? Game was a fun and informal way to explore the factors that are influencing my career path. It was comforting to realize that other students feel that same pressures and have similar concerns, and reassuring to confirm that I am headed down the right path for me.” – Julia Parkman, 4th year student, Faculty of Health

"This workshop is very interactive and engaging. The game has more clearly defined my desires, abilities, the type of person I am and what assets I have. This workshop has allowed me to have a better understanding of who I am and what I want." – Christina Petruccelli, York Alumna, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Facilitator Comments:

"Many students, including those in their first year and those who are approaching graduation, realize that they aren’t aware of all of their career options, or what careers would best fit their interests and abilities. The Who Am I? game offers students a way to take part in career exploration that is educationally innovative, fun and engaging." – Natacha Wood, Career Counsellor, Career Centre, York University

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