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UNICEF at Yorku

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Unicef at YorkU is a campus chapter with one aim in mind, 'No child too far'.
We are a team of students committed to create awareness, raise funds for children rights and providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children.
Volunteer with us and be part of our journey to make this world a better place. Small acts when multipled by millions of people, can transform the world.
Are you ready to take the first step?
Sign up as a volunteer today.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/UNICEFAtYorkU/

Recruiting for: We are currently recruiting general volunteers and for that students need to fill the form given below! After the process is complete we'll then add them to our YU CONNECT. Who are Volunteers? Volunteers are students that make an impact within our community with the help of UNICEF at YorkU. They can volunteer is all on campus, off campus and virtual events. They are eligible to receive a certificate issued by UNICEF Canada to commemorate their volunteering hours at the end of school year given they have completed 10 or more hours Volunteers are also eligible to receive recommendation letter from the President/Vice President given that the volunteer's performance is extraordinary in this club. WHY JOIN UNICEF AT YORKU AS A VOLUNTEER ⁉️ Chance for you to have an impact in the world Grow your leadership skills and experience in your resume Better knowledge on UNICEF Canada and UNICEF as a whole Chance for you network and also make friends through this club JOIN NOW WITH $3 Volunteer fee + taxin the link below!!! ⤵️ https://www.universe.com/events/unicef-at-yorku-volunteer-fee-tickets-9VM3LZ and fill the form https://linktr.ee/unicefatyorku