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Community Living Ontario

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Community Living Ontario- We are a non-profit, Provincial Association that advocates for people who have an intellectual disability to be fully included in all aspects of community life.

Student Links- An initiative designed to support High School Students between the ages of 14-21, who have an intellectual disability, build on current interests and hobbies, while gaining experience from an expert or mentor in their field of interest. Students will be encouraged through this experience, to explore ideas about their future after High School as well as, have a better understanding of their community.

Website: https://communitylivingontario.ca/en/francais-student-links/

Recruiting for: Your role as a mentor would include: - Presenting information about your field of expertise - Introducing a student to your hobby or industry - Providing an opportunity for hands-on experience This is an opportunity for you to help a student by sharing something you're passionate about, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear from you! Popular areas of interests: -Music -Computers -Software- general office programs -Outdoors -The Arts -Animation -Culinary -Transportation * not limited to these interests

Specially interested in seeing students from these Programs:

Not limited to only one program.

Number of positions: 10-15

Where positions are posted: Volunteer Toronto/York You Careers website