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For Youth Initiative

Please note: Not all employers provided information about their positions and application processes. Please visit their websites for more details.

For ​Youth ​Initiative (FYI) ​is ​a ​non-profit ​organization ​that ​has ​served, ​inspired ​and ​advocated ​for ​thousands ​of teens ​and ​young ​adults ​in ​York ​South-Weston ​since ​1995. ​Our ​multi-service ​agency ​provides ​year-round programs ​and ​services ​to ​local ​youth ​to ​meet ​their ​needs ​and ​empower ​them ​to ​reach ​their ​full ​potential.

Website: http://www.foryouth.ca/

Recruiting for: Homework Helper

Number of positions: 20

Where positions are posted: Positions will be posted on FYI's website.