On Campus Job Fair Profile

Liberal Arts & Professional Studies | Student Engagement, LA&PS Colleges


Welcome to LA&PS Colleges Consider this the hub for all your collegial needs. At LA&PS, you’ll be assigned to one of our four amazing colleges depending on your program. This is the shared home for McLaughlin College, Founders College, New College, and Vanier College. Each of our colleges has distinct characteristics to suit your social and academic needs. Whether you're taking advantage of opportunities offered in your individual College or accessing shared programming, we have it all. Get ready to meet and network with fellow students in the faculty, attend events, get involved, and access support. From orientation to graduation, your college life begins here!

Website: https://www.yorku.ca/laps/colleges/

Term Recruiting For: Fall/Winter term 2024-2025, Summer 2024

Type of Opportunities: Leadership, Engagement and Ambassadorship Program (LEAP)


Advancing YU Student Lead (Student Success Mentor Lead)
LA&PS Colleges Office Assistant (Academic Peer Support Assistant)
Peer Mentor Assistant (Student Success Mentor)
Peer Mentor Team Lead (Student Success Mentor Lead)
Student Communications Assistant (Academic Peer Support Assistant)
Student Engagement Assistant (Student Success Mentor)

Programs of Interest:

Academic Programs in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies.