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Division of Students | York International


York International falls under the Division of Students Portfolio and is a central source of international student support and global engagement at York University. York International offers programs and services to over 10,000 international students, scholars, and those who have attained permanent residence status within the last five years. The programs and services support the transition to York University and Canada, create resilient and supportive communities to support student success in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Through our work, and in partnership with Faculties, Division of Vice Provost Students as well as other service providers, York International strives to ensure all students have an opportunity to actively participate in university life, find supportive communities and engage in activities that support their personal, academic and professional goals

Website: https://yorkinternational.yorku.ca/international-students/

Term Recruiting For: Fall/Winter term 2024-2025, Summer 2024

Type of Opportunities: Work/Study


Student Success coordinator and lead positions, Student Engagement coordinator and lead positions, Orientation and Transition coordinator and lead positions, program assistants for global learning, events and promotions assistant for global learning, website and database assistant for global learning, student coordinators for front desk