On Campus Job Fair Profile

SCLD, Health Education & Promotion


Health Education and Promotion is a team comprised of York Students and Staff that work collaboratively with both on and off campus stakeholders. We aim to create a community that supports students’ health and well-being. Our main goals include: creating a healthy campus through various initiatives and provide health supports that encompasses a holistic experience for the York community.

Website: http://healthed.scld.yorku.ca/

Term Recruiting For: Summer 2020, Fall/Winter term 2020-2021

Type of Opportunities: On-Campus, Part-time, Work/Study


Health Education Peers, Health Education Media & Communication Peer, Glendon Peers

Skills: Interpersonal Connections, Social Responsibility and Community Engagement, Knowledge Acquisition and Application, Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Number of Positions: 10

How should students apply for these positions:

They must complete the online application and submit additional documents like presentations or portfolios

How should students prepare to meet with your respresentatives:

Have some background or interest in various facets of well-being: mental health, physical health, harm reduction, sexual health etc.