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Sapling Financial Consultants Inc.

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Sapling Financial Consultants is a consultancy founded in 2015. Our entire team operates out of our Toronto headquarters. We specialize in financial modelling, data analytics, and due diligence services for private and public companies. We leverage our distinctive combination of financial expertise and data analytics capabilities to deliver on our services: 1. Financial Modelling: our work covers budgeting models, M&A/IPO/equity raise models, thirteen-week cash flows, activity-based costing models, project pricing tools, and many other types of spreadsheet-based tools. 2. Data Analytics: we build data warehouses, integrate systems, and develop Power BI and other dashboards that display key performance indicators in near-real time. 3. Due Diligence: we streamline the M&A process, featuring affordable QofE reports, and deep-dive data analysis to uncover value where other buyers don’t. Our focus is North-American clients (60% American and 40% Canadian clients), and while we provide a functional expertise, we serve clients from various industries: healthcare, energy, technology, professional services, manufacturing & industrials, real estate, consumer goods, transportation & logistics, recycling & waste management, and tech companies.


Types of positions:

New Graduate, Internship

Recruiting for:

Analyst - Financial Modelling & Due Diligence
Analyst - Business Intelligence & Data Analytics
Consultant - Financial Modelling & Due Diligence
Consultant - Business Intelligence & Data Analytics
Administrative Assistant
Marketing Intern

Related programs of study:

Healthcare/Life science
Arts, Culture & Recreation

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