Career Fair Profile

York University

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York is a leading international teaching and research university, and a driving force for positive change. Empowered by a welcoming and diverse community with a uniquely global perspective, we are preparing our students for their long-term careers and personal success. Together, we can make things right for our communities, our planet and our future.


Types of positions:

New Graduate, Bilingual (French/English)

Recruiting for:

Non-academic opportunities are posted as required (both permanent and contract) and include a variety of roles such as: front-line, administrative, technical, professional and managerial. The York University Temporary Agency (YUTA) has on-going requirements for temporary clerical, customer service and administrative roles to support regular operations on an interim basis as well as during the summer months.

Related programs of study:

Technology (IT, Engineering)
Business (Finance/Accounting/Marketing/Sales/Commerce/Consulting, HR)
Healthcare/Life science
Arts, Culture & Recreation(Hospitality & Tourism)

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