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Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, Youth Services Officer Recruitment, Youth Justice Division

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Do you have a desire to work with young persons in conflict with the law? If you would enjoy working with a diverse and challenging client group, where you can make a difference every day, then consider a career as a Youth Services Officer. The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, Youth Justice Division, is seeking dedicated professionals to join their multi-disciplinary team(s) as a Youth Services Officer providing primary/direct services to youth within a secure detention/custody setting. The Youth Services Officer position will provide you with an opportunity to work with an employer that promotes diversity while you support and deliver programs and services to youth in the Ministry's care. The goals are to keep youth active and engaged, focusing on specific risks and needs of youth related to reoffending, teaching new skills, keeping youth safe, resolving conflict, and employing intervention techniques and strategies to model pro-social behaviours and help youth make better choices upon their return to the community.


Types of positions:

New Graduate

Recruiting for:

Youth Services Officer
80 positions in Ontario:
Sault Ste. Marie
Thunder Bay

Related programs of study:

Law & Society
Community and Justice Services
Social Work
Children, Childhood and Youth

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