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Colas Canada

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We are a leading Canadian road construction group of companies with the goal of setting the pace in our industry and to be a model of excellence. Since our early beginnings in 1964, Colas Canada developed a strong network of operating companies providing solutions and construction excellence in the areas of preservation, maintenance and upgrade of the Canadian infrastructure network. Given its association with the Colas Group, Colas Canada Inc. has a wealth of expertise and knowledge to share with all levels of Government. We can bring to the table sustainable solutions based on applied research and group learning from around the world. At the heart of the Canadian economic and social life, we are committed to developing and improving products and construction techniques based on recycling of material, improving of energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Types of positions:

New Graduate, Bilingual (French/English)

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Related programs of study:

IT, Engineering
Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Commerce,Consulting, HR

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