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Vital Link Ice Cream & Event Marketing Inc.

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Vital Link Ice Cream and Event Marketing Inc. is a Canadian company that has dealt with special market events and ice cream retail for over 4 decades. We provide wholesale ice cream supply, assist and retail ice cream at events across Canada and also provide ice cream carts for rentals. We work with companies all over the country and within North America. If you've seen a Nestle or Haagen Dazs cart at events like the Rogers Cup and Honda Indy, or grabbed a quick ice cream on a hot day while at the zoo, then you've already interacted with our company. Vital Link recognizes the importance of a strong brand within the special markets environment. As a result, we have a direct partnership with the Ice Cream Division of Nestlé Canada and Häagen-Dazs to meet all your ice cream needs. Our association with Nestle goes back to 2000! Vital Link has been working closely with Nestle to market their products across Canada. Nestlé’s ice cream brands, including Haagen-Dazs, Del Monte, Oreo, Rolo and Skinny Cow, have allowed us to supply quality products to our customers. It is a partnership cherished both by Vital Link and Nestle, in creating value for our customers and associates. In June 2014, we were awarded 2014 Nestle Canada Brand Builder Award for passion and collaboration.


Types of positions:

New Graduate, Summer, Internship

Recruiting for:

We have a wide range of positions opening up for our busy summer season including; Event Retail Cart staff, Event Retail Supervisors, Drivers, Brand Ambassadors and a summer office Intern position.

Number of positions:



Communication, Interpersonal Connections, Personal Success, Social Responsibility and Community Engagement, Knowledge Acquisition and Application, Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Related programs of study:

Applicants must be high-energy, self-motivated, have good communication skills, and enjoy working outdoors with the public. Previous sales/marketing/retail experience an asset. Vital Link will train to job specifications.

Where positions are posted:

Company website

How to apply:

Company Website, Bring resumé to fair, Other

How to prepare:

Bring a copy of your resume and arrive confident and ready to show off your people skills. We look forward to meeting with individuals who are friendly and engaging.