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WorldStrides Explorica is dedicated to educational travel and transforming lives. Our tours are all about giving students the opportunity to connect with a new destination through authentic activities and unforgettable moments and our enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and passionate Tour Directors make all the difference. At WorldStrides Explorica, the experience is everything.


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Tour Directors will be leading young students to Quebec City, Ottawa, Montreal, and more! All training is fully compensated, which includes two weekends of classroom training followed by on the road coaching. Upon completion, candidates will have achieved an extensive and thorough knowledge of the city where they will be leading tours. During these training weekends, we actively help you develop communication and other professional skills that can be used whole on tour and in your future careers.

We are currently looking for people who:
- know the benefits of travelling and understand that a great Tour Director helps students create "Wow!" moments and memories to last a lifetime
- have the desire and confidence to share their knowledge with young travellers
- Are enthusiastic, organized, creative problem-solvers, confident, and flexible with a love for teaching and travel
- Bilingualism (English and French) is considered an asset
- Are a university or college student

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We are open to anyone who is interested in traveling!

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Company website, York University's Career Centre Job Portal

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Company Website