Negotiate salary and benefits

Negotiate salary and benefits

Receiving a job offer is a great accomplishment and can be an exciting time. It could also bring some concerns in terms of your expectations, both financially and professionally, and negotiating with the employer might resolve these problems.  It is also important to know that negotiating a job offer it is not always possible. Negotiating salary and other benefits means to be prepared, to understand the offer, and to know what to ask for. 

  • Prepare - Conduct research about the position’s salary range and the organization’s salary range. Start your research early during the interview process as sometimes employers ask about salary expectation at that time. In the interview, avoid talking about salary and benefits, (unless the employer asks about your salary expectations), as it might be taken as you are interested in money rather than on the job. Wait for the appropriate time – once the job is offered to you.

Here are some resources where you can find salary information:
Search Wages Job Bank - Government of Canada
Salaries in Canada – Glassdoor
You can also look at similar job postings in the local area as some of them have salaries listed on them

  • Understand the offer - Get to know the offer and reflect on it. Show your appreciation to the employer and thank them for the offer. Ask them about the deadline by which you have to make a decision. Carefully read the information provided about salary and benefits and try to analyze it. If you are not sure, ask the employer for clarification. You might also ask your network for a second opinion. Make sure you are responding within the deadline, as some employers might need to fill the position quickly, but that doesn’t mean you have to rush your decision.  It is important to make an informed decision but also to respect employer’s deadlines. You also want to consider your current circumstances - how soon do you need a job?! 
  • Know what to ask for – If, after conducting research and analyzing the information provided by the employer, you realize that the offer is not sufficient, you may consider negotiating with the employer. If you decide to have this conversation with them, stay positive and professional, and show great interest in the position. You may suggest some compromises in a very polite way. You could mention the results of your research, such as the range of salaries for that position out there, as well as your level of skills and knowledge. You could also discuss benefits as long as your requests are realistic. Some employers will offer a standard benefits package and others will let you pick and choose the ones you want. Whether you decide to accept the offer or to decline it, always thank and appreciate the employer.



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