LinkedIn Interview Preparation Feature

LinkedIn Interview Preparation Feature

Video and phone interviews have become the new normal during the coronavirus pandemic. LinkedIn has launched a new feature to help you with your interview preparation. The LinkedIn interview preparation feature aims to enable users to become more confident for their upcoming interviews. This feature provides an interactive way to practice answers to commonly asked interview questions. You can find it under "interview prep" in the jobs section of the website. The interview preparation feature provides the following:

  • Confidentially practice your responses to your interview question. You can do this by recording or writing a response. Your answers are only visible to you and they can be reviewed at any time.
  • Receive feedback on your responses by AI-powered feedback that analyzes speech content and patterns to help you practice and refine your interview skills.
  • Choose a 1st-degree connection from whom you’d like to receive feedback.
  • Access to quality videos, informative tips, and guidance by experts on how to answer most common interview questions.

Follow the instructions below to access the LinkedIn interview preparation feature as a premium member:


How to Get started with LinkedIn Interview Prep

Intro and Benefits of LinkedIn Interview Prep Tool

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