Educate yourself about employee rights

Educate yourself about employee rights

The Employment Standards Act (ESA) is a law in Ontario that protects workers' rights. Areas covered include minimum wage, hours of work, termination of employment, public holidays, vacation, pregnancy and parental leave, severance pay, and other standards

Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) - As a worker in Ontario, you also have the health and safety rights. The main purpose of the Act is to protect workers from health and safety hazards on the job. It outlines general health and safety regulations workplaces MUST follow

3 Fundamental Rights of Employees in Canada

  • The right to know or the right to be informed about, actual and potential dangers in the workplace
  • The right to participate in the workplace health and safety activities through the Health and Safety Committee (HSC) or as a worker health and safety representative
  • The right to refuse unsafe work that is dangerous to themselves or to co-workers

You can not be disciplined for exercising these rights

Ontario's Human Rights Code is a provincial law that gives everybody equal rights and opportunities without discrimination in specific social areas such as jobs, housing, services, facilities, and contracts or agreements.


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