Job fraud is on the rise!

Laptop with caution sign


Confirm that the company is legitimate:

green checkmark signSearch the organization on Google (company name + scam)

green checkmark sign Check the company’s LinkedIn profile

green checkmark sign

Visit the organization’s website to find out more about the company

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Check the “careers” section to see if the job is posted there


Never provide the following when applying for a job:

red cross sign    A copy of your passport, driver’s license, student card, health card or any other official identification.

red cross sign    Social Insurance Number (SIN)

red cross sign    Bank account or credit card details


Be especially wary of…

Alert sign    A company that asks you to pay a fee or use your own money (eg. to buy supplies needed for the job)

Alert sign    A job that pays well but requires little or no experience

Alert sign    A job posting that doesn’t match the information posted on the company website

Alert sign    An offer for a job you didn’t apply for

Alert sign    A recruiter who doesn’t use a company email address but rather a free email address (eg. @gmail, @hotmail)

Alert sign    A job posting containing grammatical or spelling errors


Report job fraud:

Information sign    Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre

Information sign    Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

Information sign    Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Information

Information sign    Better Business Bureau


If you’ve seen a job or applied to a job through the Career Centre’s job board that you suspect to be fraudulent, please contact us immediately.  Please note our  recruitment policies and disclaimer for more information about job postings and employers.