Career Conversations:Leveraging your PhD in STEM Outside of Academia (for York PhD students and postdocs only)

March 7, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
519 Kaneff Tower

Are you interested in a career outside of the academy? Do you want to learn more about how to navigate the world of post-academic careers as a PhD? During this session, connect with professionals in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professions and learn more about hiring practices, employer expectations and how to leverage higher education while exploring available career opportunities.

During this panel, professionals will share examples of the range of opportunities available within their fields, the particularities of applying as a PhD and talk about how to translate the skills developed in academia to non-academic careers. The panel will be followed by an open forum where PhD students will have the opportunity to ask the panelists their own questions

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Participating Panelists:

Mathew Dionyssiou
Founding Program Director, PhDs4Hire
AlumniIcon Alumnus: PhD Biology, Life Sciences, 2014

I created PhDs4Hire to help change the way Canadians perceive PhD holders one job at time, to support PhD holders looking to transition away from academia and to promote entrepreneurship by helping academic researchers find commercial applications for their research products.

David Cappadocia
Senior Consultant, IQVIA
AlumniIcon Alumnus: PhD Kinesiology and Health Science, 2018

I am a Senior Consultant on the Canadian Commercial Effectiveness Services consulting team at IQVIA. I partner with clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech and other life sciences sectors to develop innovative and data-driven strategic insights to understand commercial opportunities and maximize the value of products and services.

I hold a PhD in neuroscience from the Centre for Vision Research at York University.

Laura Reyes
Career Development Leader, Chemical Institute of Canada
AlumniIcon Alumna: BSc Chemistry, 2011, PhD Chemistry (UofT)

After receiving my BSc in chemistry at York University, I completed my PhD at the University of Toronto where I worked with Geoffrey Ozin researching the surface chemistry of catalysts for solar fuels production. During graduate school, I helped start the student-led Green Chemistry Initiative, which I enjoyed so much that it led me to pursue a career outside of academic research. In my current position at the Chemical Institute of Canada, I am responsible for the organization’s professional development programs and initiatives.

Ikjyot Singh Kohli
Senior Data Scientist, Cineplex
AlumniIcon Alumnus: MSc and Ph.D., Mathematics and Physics, 2014
I always had a very deep interest in applied mathematics and physics. I was fortunate to combine both areas of research to complete a M.Sc. and Ph.D in Mathematical Physics. During this time, I published along with my supervisor, Michael Haslam, four original articles detailing new solutions to Einstein's field equations of General Relativity.

After I graduated, I decided to try my hand at the professional world, obtaining a position of a Senior Risk Analyst within RBC's Operational Risk Group. However, missing the academic world of teaching and research tremendously, I decided to go back to York, in particular, the Mathematics Department where I was a PostDoc for two years, lecturing a variety of courses and doing research in Dynamical Systems in General Relativity.

My work in Dynamical Systems led me to an interest in neural networks, which led to my interests in AI and Machine Learning. Therefore, after my PostDoc, I was fortunate to be hired at Cineplex to be the Senior Data Scientist working in applying AI and Machine Learning techniques to various aspects of the business. The work done is important and fulfilling and I use many of the skills learned throughout my academic career on a daily basis.

Shervan Vafa
Manager, Personal Banking Analytics, TD
AlumniIcon Alumnus: PHD, Economics, 2015
Economics is a discipline that requires long-term and strategic thinking. In that framework we try and explain why people and economies behave the way do. This was always a very attractive topic for me and led to many years of me trying to pursue as much knowledge as I can in this field. I eventually found my way into the world of data science after working as an economist and then an econometrician.