Alumni Profile

Kevin Nickson, a York alumnus

Kevin Nickson

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Biology)
Graduated: 1982
Current Position: Manager

Current Career: Manager -I am responsible for all aspects of the smooth operation of the Core Lab (Chemistry, Hematology, Specimen Processing) at night in one of the busiest medical laboratories in the country.

How I got here: Started out after graduation as a Medical Technologist - Equivalent but soon realized that I needed the specific diploma to be certified and continue in the profession. Obtained the diploma and proceeded to advanced standing (less than 200 in Canada), using knowledge gained from York University.

What I did when I felt unsure/lost about my career direction: I kept searching, confident that my education and knowledge would help get me in the door and start me on my path.

Thing that made the biggest difference: I had received such a good education at York University that I could take almost anything in stride.

How I'm using my degree in my career: Broad-based knowledge in all facets of Science has given me the background necessary to manage/troubleshoot all facets of the laboratory off-hours.

What I've learned: It's important to keep learning. Absorb everything and how things work and make yourself invaluable as a wealth of knowledge for your employer.