Alumni Profile

Aleena Mazhar, a York alumnus

Aleena Mazhar

Degree: Bachelor of Administrative Studies (Marketing), Honours
Graduated: 2008
Current Position: Field Manager

Current Career: Field Manager - I manage a team of 6 coordinators across Eastern Canada to execute a retail based marketing program for our Beverages clients.

Why I think I'm living a great life: I wake up excited for my day knowing I love what I do.

How I got here: I've been working with Mosaic doing rep work while I was in university. By networking within the organization, and consistently picking up work with different clients, I was selected for a coordinator interview. After this interview I was given the role of coordinator on the Beverages business to start as soon as I was done my final year, from which I've grown to Field Manager.

What I did when I felt unsure/lost about my career direction: When I first started university I was not 100% certain I was made for business, marketing specifically. I took some different classes at York including a Political Science course. After falling in love with Intro to Marketing, and starting my first job with Mosaic, I knew this is exactly what I wanted to do.

Thing that made the biggest difference: I was told very early that in order to progress and grow within an organization you have to be indispensable. I worked very hard to put this theory into action, and really tried to become an expert at my business through continued learning.

How I'm using my degree in my career: Marketing is my passion, and is what I do everyday. Things that I have learnt in my business courses directly impact my day to day life. Being able to use the models from marketing class, budgets from finance class - it's all very relevant.

What I've learned: Remember that your network is incredibly important. They are the people who stand up for you when you need someone in your corner. Always work hard, and have experience under your belt on top of your degree.