Ronit Gordon

Ronit Gordon

Honours BA, Criminology/Sociology & Non-Profit Management Certificate, Schulich School of Business
Project Lead, Ministry of the Solicitor General

Current Role

In my current Project role at the Ministry of the Solicitor General, I lead a variety of portfolios focused on client outreach, staff wellness, communications, change management & strategic planning - just to name a few.

What factors led you to enter your current field of work?

I always wanted to contribute to make the province a better place to live which was a big reason why I started working for the Ontario Government in various policy and project roles. My BA and Masters in Criminology and research work at York University also provided me with the knowledge and skill sets I needed to successfully enter into the public service.

What does success mean to you?

Success means making a difference in the lives of Ontarians! By utilizing my project management education, experience and multiple years as an Ontario Government Public Servant, I have been able to implement projects and programs that are beneficial for citizens and staff which is immensely rewarding.

If you weren’t in your current professional role, what would you be doing?

I wasn’t in my current professional role, I would be pursuing a career in singing!

How do you build and maintain your professional network, and how has this benefited your career?

I continuously keep in touch with those in my professional network and provide them with updates on my career portfolios in order to maintain my network. I also make an effort to reach out to to individuals in my industry who I don’t know in order to build my network. Both of these practices have enabled me to work with many colleagues collaboratively across government on a variety of projects and portfolios, connect colleagues with each other and learn about new career development and learning opportunities.

What are the strategies you use to remain resilient during challenging situations?

I always try to see the silver lining during challenging situations and focus on the positive parts of a challenging situation and what I can learn from it. For certain situations, I’ll ask my colleagues or mentors for advice on how to move forward effectively and proactively.