Volunteer Toronto

Volunteer Toronto is Canada’s largest volunteer centre with over 40 years of experience connecting volunteers to the organizations that need them. Our services empower local volunteers to find opportunities that make a positive difference in their community. Working with over 650 non-profits across the city we strive to make it easy for volunteers to get involved in their community.

Recruiting for: At Volunteer Toronto we work with over 650 non-profits currently recruiting volunteers. We try to make it easy by centralizing volunteer opportunities across the city. We have a searchable database people can look through to find a position that suites their interest whether that is research, public speaking, visiting seniors or consulting there are currently over 750 roles to chose from!

Skills: We are open to all volunteers of varying skill levels, English proficiency, knowledge and strengths as the spectrum of volunteer opportunities we promote is wide enough to accommodate everyone.

Number of positions: 650

Where positions are posted: All of the volunteer opportunities can be found in our searchable database at

Application method: At the bottom of each posting on our website, students can find a "How to Apply" section that explains how to apply for that specific role. Students apply directly to the non-profit agency that posted the position.

How to prepare: We encourage students to reflect on why they want to volunteer, what kind of experience they'd like to have and the skills they have to give. This reflection piece can help ensure that the student finds a meaningful volunteer opportunity.