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Engineering Student working in a lab
Design students showcases their work
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Why York?

York University, the third largest academic institution in Canada, represents the principal intersection where progressive thinking meets solid fundamental learning. With over 50,000 students, York is an ideal location to uncover the country's future leaders.

Thriving as a modern and innovative post-secondary institution, York offers students a stimulating academic environment on the cutting edge of learning. York's undergraduate and graduate programs provide students with the opportunity to carve their own unique path to success through choice, variety and flexibility.

Who are York students?

Diverse in their interests and backgrounds, the student body at York University represents one of the most well rounded concentrations of promise and potential in the country. As beneficiaries of an unconventional interdisciplinary approach to education that integrates learning from different fields, these students are at the pinnacle of development and intellectual growth. They are tomorrow's leaders.

York and its students stand at the forefront of modern thinking. Leading programs in Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, Science, Engineering, Health, Environmental Studies, Fine Arts, Law, Business, Education and Graduate Studies continue to produce graduates who are redefining the possible both in the workplace and beyond. At York University, your company will find a highly skilled and diverse candidate pool from which to select the most appropriate individual to meet your needs.

Connecting with York students

Given York's size and the variety of our educational opportunities, identifying the best means for reaching out to students with career opportunities can be a challenge. York's Career Centre has built a solid and trusted foundation with students and is committed to ensuring student participation in events based on customized recruitment strategies. With our facilities, services and students, York University is the perfect setting to meet your specific hiring needs.

The Career Centre offers a variety of customized recruitment strategies to help you connect with the students and new graduates you want to reach. These include: