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Helping Hands

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Helping Hands is a grassroots, youth-led organization that works to increase youth community engagement through technological platforms as well as in-person activities. The organization serves as a platform to match students with volunteer placements in organizations of their interest with a special focus on developing the skills the students would like to attain. On the technological aspect, Helping Hands consists of three main, interconnected features: volunteer matching, tracking, and feedback. In-person, Helping Hands performs workshops, provides mentoring services, incorporates youth into councils, conducts volunteer fairs, shares valuable stories and helps student entrepreneurs start their own clubs and organizations. 

Website: https://helpinghandsapp.com

Recruiting for: We will be recruit for various positions including youth outreach work, community engagement / outreach coordinator, marketing, grant writer and more. You can find more at helpinghandsapp.com https://helpinghandsapp.com/jointeam.html

Specially interested in seeing students from these Programs:

Students from the Faculty of Education, Engineering, Schulich School of Business, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Number of positions: 10

Where positions are posted: At https://helpinghandsapp.com/jointeam.html Or contact to make a customized volunteer position

Application method: Email team@helpinghandsapp.com with resume or see https://helpinghandsapp.com/jointeam.html for more information