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VHA Home HealthCare

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Foudned in 1925, VHA Home HealthCare (VHA) - a not-for-profit, charitable organization -- offers community support programs to people of all ages, cultures, and orientations through charitable resources and funding partners. Committed to providing high-quality services for vulnerable at -risk families, we specialize in home support during medical situational, crisis, as well as short-term relief for parents experiencing postpartum/depression and/or other mental health issues. We are also experienced in working with squalor and problematic hoarding and take a best-practice harm-reduction approach. Our diverse team of professionals and skilled community volunteers provide high-quality service to enhance and improve the client experience during even the most challenging times. VHA proudly meets the national standards of excellence in health care set out by Accreditation Canada.

Website: https://www.vha.ca/volunteer

Recruiting for: Child and Family Support Volunteer: Supporting newcomer or single moms caring for children ages 0-4; engaging and supporting mom; finding and engaging community resources with mom. (Peer Program for Women) ESL In-Home Tutor Volunteer: Tutoring newcomer moms 1:1 in conversational English so that moms can conduct their daily activities independently and confidently in English (Peer Program for Women) Hoarding Support Volunteer: Engaging an individual who has hoarding tendencies through a process of motivational interviewing, to help the individual make decisions about what they can let go of and what they need to keep; to declutter the home and make it a healthy place to be.

Specially interested in seeing students from these Programs:

Social Work
Addictions and Mental Health
Community & Public Health
ECE, Eduction, ESL, Teaching

Number of positions: 60

Where positions are posted: https://www.vha.ca/volunteer

Application method: Send resume to: dashford@vha.ca