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Jake's House

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Founded in 2004, Jake’s House is a Provincially and Federally funded Canadian charity with a mission to provide meaningful support to families living with autism across the country. Recognizing that more than any other single issue, families dealing with autism need a community, Jake’s House is committed to growing a strong network of people who understand and care--a family, determined to provide tangible solutions at every stage of life.

Specifically, Jake’s House supports individuals on the spectrum throughout their lifespans through four core initiatives: 1) Jake’s House Annual Holiday Parties, a 15-year tradition of bringing families together for a welcoming, fun and festive celebration; 2) Legends Mentoring Program, themed group mentoring workshops that provide youth with opportunities to learn skills, socialize and make friends; 3) Jake’s House Employment Mentoring, a program that supports the integration of young adults into the workforce; and 4) inclusive housing solutions, designed to address the growing housing gap in the autism community, giving more aging adults a place to call home.

Website: https://www.jakeshouse.ca/

Recruiting for: 1. Art Workshops 2. Coding Workshops 3. Holiday Parties 3. Multisport Workshops

Number of positions: 100

Where positions are posted: www.jakeshouse.ca/legends-mentoring-program

Application method: https://www.jakeshouse.ca/become-a-mentor/

How to prepare: Jake's House will reach out to the volunteers once registration is completed and will provide a training before the workshops.