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Chantiers jeunesse

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Chantiers jeunesse is a non-profit organization created in 1980 to promote the development of young, active and engaged citizens while fostering community development.

We organize volunteer projects in different regions of Canada for youth aged 15 to 30 and monitor Canadian participants that we’ve put in international projects (more than 35 possible destinations in Europe, North America and Asia). Every year, 150 young volunteers are involved in different projects initiated by Chantiers jeunesse.

Also, our new Entrepreneurship Projects program gives volunteers the chance to improve their leadership and entrepreneurial skills by developing and implementing their own projects from start to finish.

Website: https://www.cj.qc.ca/

Recruiting for: Volunteers for our 2 week long intercultural volunteer camps for Winter and Summer 2020 Volunteers who want to start their own entrepreneurial projects

Specially interested in seeing students from these Programs:

Projects in volunteer camps can be :

Environmental (creating walking trails, cleaning shorelines, preserving endangered species, etc.)
Heritage preservation (building restauration, painting, construction work, etc.)
Cultural (festivals, photography, linguistic exchange, etc.)
Social (projects with kids, intergenerational projects, refugee assistance, etc.)

Project in the Entrepreneurial program can be in any field as long as they have a positive social impact on their communities.

Number of positions: 150

Where positions are posted: On our website

Application method: Apply through our registration form at https://www.cj.qc.ca/en/registration-form/

How to prepare: They can visit our website and Facebook page to get a better grasp at what our volunteer camp are all about.