Volunteer Fair Profile

Society of Sharing: Inner-City Volunteers

Please note: Not all employers provided information about their positions and application processes. Please visit their websites for more details.

Society of Sharing: Inner-City Volunteers is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to serving seniors and adults with physical disabilities in downtown Toronto, since 1981. We recruit and train volunteers who provide community programs and services such as friendly visiting, medical and shopping escort, group socialization, and telephone reassurance.

Website: https://www.societyofsharing.org

Recruiting for: Friendly Visitor Medical and Shopping Escort Group Socialization Volunteer Telephone Reassurance

Specially interested in seeing students from these Programs:

Social Work, Community Work, and Health-related courses

Number of positions: on-going

Where positions are posted: Society of Sharing website

Application method: Send an email to vrts@societyofsharing.org

How to prepare: They may learn more about the work we do by visiting our website at www.societyofsharing.org or our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/volunteersharing/