On Campus Job Fair Profile

VPRI/ORU, Institute for Social Research


The Institute for Social Research at York University houses the largest university-based survey research centre in Canada and provides expert data analytics and statistical consulting. It also houses the Statistics Canada Research Data Centre. ISR employs hundreds of students each year at York to conduct large-scale general population research surveys in our telephone lab on campus, in the fields of public health, education, elections, Tri-Council funded research, social problems, and the law and the legal profession.

Website: http://www.isryorku.ca/

Term Recruiting For: Summer 2020, Fall/Winter term 2020-2021

Type of Opportunities: On-Campus, Part-time, Work/Study, Bilingual (French/English)

Skills: Communication, Knowledge Acquisition and Application, Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Number of Positions: 100

How should students apply for these positions:

Please bring your resume.

How should students prepare to meet with your respresentatives:

Please bring your resume.