On Campus Job Fair Profile

Lassonde School of Engineering, Student Welcome & Support Centre - Outreach


The Helen Carswell STEAM Program for Women at the Lassonde School of Engineering provides 30 female-identified students in grades 10 and 11 the opportunity to explore STEAM concepts in a hands-on, supportive environment where they are mentored, while they work in their research labs alongside professors, undergraduate and graduate students.

Website: https://lassonde.yorku.ca/

Term Recruiting For: Summer 2020

Type of Opportunities: On-Campus, Leadership, Engagement and Ambassadorship Program (LEAP)


Student Mentors (x 15)
Student Lead Mentor (x 1)
Potentially Photographer/Videographer (x1)

Skills: Communication, Interpersonal Connections, Personal Success, Social Responsibility and Community Engagement, Knowledge Acquisition and Application, Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Number of Positions: 17

How should students apply for these positions:

Bring resume to event, email resume to contact person

How should students prepare to meet with your respresentatives:

Bring resume