On Campus Job Fair Profile

Faculty of Science, Science Academic Services


Science Engagement Programs offers innovative and engaging programs designed to inspire youth and discover exciting topics in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Out of the Faculty of Science at York University, our programs use a discovery and inquiry-based learning approach that is focused on ‘learning by doing’. Our outreach model provides students with a chance to work in small groups on a variety of projects that will help foster problem solving, critical thinking, and an overall passion for STEM.

Website: http://scix.science.yorku.ca/join-our-team

Term Recruiting For: Summer 2020

Type of Opportunities: On-Campus, Work/Study


Instructor, Office Assistant, Volunteer Assistant, Junior Lab Assistant

Skills: Communication, Social Responsibility and Community Engagement

Number of Positions: 10

How should students apply for these positions:

Completed applications will be accepted at the event, otherwise, please visit our website to submit an application online.

How should students prepare to meet with your respresentatives:

Bring a complete application to our table.