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Saba University School of Medicine


More than 2,500 Saba doctors are in practice today, and all of them were once where you are now, asking themselves the key question: Why Saba? What is it about this school that can make my dream of becoming a doctor more likely?

Here are the facts that set Saba apart:

Excellent residency placements: Saba’s residency placements are on par with U.S. schools and are significantly higher than most other international schools.
100% USMLE Step 1 first-time pass rate: Preparation leads to perfection and Saba’s results are comparable with the top medical school programs in the country.
Practice anywhere in the U.S. and Canada: Saba is one of the few international schools approved by the key states of New York, California and Florida—meaning our students are eligible to practice in all 50 states.

Eligible for U.S. and Canadian loans: Saba is one of just seven Caribbean medical schools approved for participation in the U.S. William D. Ford Direct Loan Program.
Affordable tuition: We believe a top-quality medical education needn’t come with crushing debt, and have worked hard to maintain a tuition that’s 30% to 40% lower than that at comparable schools. (Compare Saba's cost here.)

European accreditation: Because Saba is a Dutch island, Saba University is accredited by the Netherlands—making it the only medical school in the Caribbean held to high European standards.
Modern curriculum: In line with contemporary trends in medical education, Saba’s curriculum emphasizes greater integration between case-based learning and clinical skills development.

Application Deadline: Rolling Admissions; Septemeber, January, & May semester start dates

Programs Showcasing: Medicine